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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at Noon  CBS  October 30, 2012 12:00pm-12:30pm PDT

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walk >> your realtime captioner: linda marie macdonald. the state is too tough to give in to this type of devastation. >> we believe we lost more than 80 houses. >> good afternoon, everybody. i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm michelle griego. sandy packs a deadly punch blamed for more than 34 deaths. we have team coverage from across the country, reporters in new york, new jersey and here keeping an eye on the bay
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area response to the storm but in new york, a massive storm surge overtook the city overnight. now residents are left in the dark. we have a report from lower manhattan with the latest. reporter: floodwaters are receding and residents are checking for damage in lower manhattan this morning. >> the entire residence here is flooded out. we have no electricity. >> reporter: last night, sandy's powerful surge pushed water into the streets and into tunnels. at battery park, the water poured over the seawalls at a record 13.88 feet. authorities say 7 subway tunnels have extensive water damage. there is no timetable on when public transportation will be restored. >> make no mistake about it, this was a devastating storm, maybe the worst that we have ever experienced. >> reporter: city officials still need to figure out what to do about a crane that snapped at a construction site in midtown manhattan. in a city of tourists, this has
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become yet another tourist attraction. people gathering along this fence to see what's going on. >> it's weird seeing people coming together. they haven't been able to go to the empire state, out to the statue of liberty. >> reporter: more than one million people began the day with no power in the city and surrounding areas. 250,000 lost power when this plant exploded last night. at nyu hospital, even backup generators failed. patients and babies were evacuated. in queens 80 homes were destroyed in a flooded neighborhood. damage estimates in the city are in the billions. veneta mier for cbs news, new york. hurricane sandy dealt new jersey a devastating blow. hundreds are stranded and the boardwalk is in ruins.
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susan mcginnis has more across the delaware bay. susan, what a night. >> reporter: it's a mess. the shore of delaware has come alive again. people are out and about surveying the damage. there are lots of surfers out here today and the clean-up has begun. some 45,000 people here without power but new jersey is the hardest hit where the center of the storm came ashore. homes have moved off their foundations, this one crashed into the house next to it. the massive damage from sandy can be seen all over long beach island. homes under water boats piled up. >> the level of devastation at the jersey shore is unthinkable. >> reporter: the national guard is helping people escape the floodwaters in northern new jersey. about half a foot remained after a tidal surge left three towns under water. >> this is the worst we have seen it but we're fine. >> reporter: search-and-rescue teams are also fanned out across atlantic city looking for people who didn't make it
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out before sandy made landfall last night triggering a record- breaking storm surge. >> we had waves as high as the light poles down on the boardwalk. >> reporter: from d.c. to new england sandy caused massive damage taking down thousands of trees. most of the people in delaware's seaside communities followed instructions to evacuate along with damage to beach areas the biggest disruptions here include downed trees, flooded roads and tens of thousands lost power. that's just a drop in the bucket compared to new jersey where more than 2 million people are without electricity. >> this is twice the number of i want pacted households as hurricane irene. >> reporter: as new jersey surveys the damage, sandy is now soaking areas inland downing trees and power lines in its path. and new jersey's governor said the losses there are incalculable. certainly in the billions. >> we're just looking at the video all those boats stacked up together and stuff. where do you start on something
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so massive? >> reporter: well, you just start from the beginning like they are here on delaware shore. already there are earth movers here dumping sand into all the holes that have been made here. the crews are out here already starting to clear the paths and getting the power lines back up. so really it's going to be weeks and months of clean-up and getting everything going again. it's just one day at a time. >> all right, susan mcginnis live in delaware, thank you. and we are just learning that president obama has announced that he is going to travel tomorrow to new jersey to survey some of the damage there. >> indeed. meanwhile, millions of people from maine to the carolinas are without power and east coast utility companies are calling on other states for a little bit of help. >> various agencies in california are now sending people out east. cbs 5 reporter elissa harrington is at sfo for an update on the response as well as continuing flight cancellations. >> reporter: several california agencies are responding, others
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on standby with you one problem that rescuers and travelers have having today, more cancellations to those cities that need help the most. >> i been sleeping on that little sofa over there. >> reporter: tommy is among thousands of stranded travelers waiting out sandy in an airport. he is trying to get back to new york where he is a grad student and doesn't want to miss class. he spent the night at sfo unable to change his flight over the phone. >> when i call them, the automated machines say the line is too much and i couldn't contact them and they hang up on me every time when i try to call them. >> reporter: more than 15,000 flights have been grounded and in the past two days almost 300 to and from sfo. california rescue crews, however are getting as close as they can to the storm and what's left in its wake. yesterday, the california national guard sent military airplanes, helicopters and pararescue teams to assist in flood zones and today, pg&e crews are gearing up to help
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millions left without power. >> we're very used to pitching in in the wake of a disaster such as a hurricane or natural disaster such as a fire and helping rebuild electrical infrastructure. >> reporter: more than 150 pg&e crews including underground specialists will help supplies cables and repair power poles knocked down by falling trees. governor jerry brown announced that california emergency management agency is also working to deploy utility crews. while members of the state's urban search-and-rescue are already on scene. the red cross, however, is having the same problem as many travelers. >> we're not able to send any more volunteers because the airports are closed. >> reporter: nearly 11,000 people stayed in red cross shelters overnight in 16 states. >> in the flooding situation, they need shelter, food and the volunteers are ready to give people those basic necessities. >> reporter: at sfo, there are some flights preparing to take off for the east coast later this afternoon. but that all could change depending on the weather.
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passengers should check their flight status throughout the day. at sfo, elissa harrington, cbs 5. >> that is good advice. all right, thank you. president obama is praised for his response to the hurricane. white house photos show him in the briefing room overnight getting constant updates on the situation. during the early-morning hours, president obama signed disaster declarations for both new york and new jersey making way for federal grant money to pay for the damages. and with all eyes on the devastation out east both candidates have canceled campaign events through wins. mr. obama coordinating federal relief efforts. he will visit new jersey tomorrow while moms attended a hurricane relief event today for victims in ohio. back in the bay area, five people including two children escaped an explosion and house fire in san jose this morning. >> we heard an explosion, we wanted the door and smoke started coming -- engulfing the house. we got the kids and got out.
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>> firefighters were called to the home on linda flores street around 6:00. crews had the fire under control in less than 30 minutes. but special teams had to be called in as part of the investigation. >> we do have a hazmat team out here hazardous incident team doing some air monitoring. we also have pg&e. our focus is trying to figure out what caused the explosion. >> one person was treated for minor injuries on scene. in about two hours the young man accused of kidnapping and killing sierra lamar will be back in court in san jose. 21-year-old and the lean garcia torres may enter a plea at that time. the 15-year-old lamar vanished from morgan hill in march. her body hasn't been found but dna evidence links him to the disappearance. coming up on eyewitness news at noon, early detection means early treatment for most cancers. why new research shows many women are getting treatments they really don't need. >> we're live at civic center
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plaza where the stage is set for tomorrow's big parade but the real challenge with the traffic and people is how to get here. we'll tell you the best ways when we return. >> hi, i'm meteorologist lawrence karnow in the cbs 5 weather center. skies beginning to clear out around the bay area. but there is a storm brewing for halloween. we'll talk about that coming up. ,,,, ,,
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giant crowd. about a million pe well, if you are heading to san francisco tomorrow be prepared for a giant crowd. >> oh, yeah. about a million people are expected to swarm the city for the giants world series victory parade. that's on top of the regular weekday commute crowd. cbs 5 reporter kate kelly joins us now and tells us how transit agencies are preparing for the
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big day. and cate, i can imagine a lot of people are probably going to be calling in sick tomorrow. >> reporter: yeah. employers probably shouldn't be surprised michelle. i don't think that would be a big shocker to a lot of them because tomorrow is the big day that city here will be celebrating the world series champions on the stage right behind me as we did in 2010 with a million people watching. the city is working hard to set up civic center plaza for the big day and public transit groups have been working to make sure you can get here. >> we have all hands on deck. we're not holding anything back. we'll have every train available from 4 a.m. to the end of service. >> reporter: the praise rout will start at the foot of market street near the ferry building going to city hall. bart ridership during this parade two years ago set an all- time record. if this year is anything like last, bart says it's expecting more than 100,000 more riders than normal. >> the easiest thing someone
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can do to make their lives easier is purchase a roundtrip ticket today. either that or fill up your clipper card today from home. >> reporter: they aren't the only transit group prepping. caltrain, golden gate transit and muni will be adding extra services, as well. >> rush hour service throughout the day to allow passengers and parade-goers to get to the parade and back to their destinations. >> reporter: across the board, all groups agree, along with giants pride, patience will be essential tomorrow. >> leave your car at home. there's going to be a lot of congestion throughout the city. so we're encouraging everything to take public transit, walk or ride a bike to the parade. >> really pad that time. if you are a daily commuter, you are going to need to leave your house significantly earlier than you normally do if you want to get to work on time tomorrow. >> reporter: now, that's if you are even planning to gowork at all. but if you are don't worry we have a solution. if you are stuck at work, we have live coverage streaming on and we'll be offering streaming or live coverage as well at cbs 5. so at 11:00, you
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can turn on your tvs and expect to see the giants parade there. live at civic center plaza, cate caugiran, cbs 5. >> we're going to be at work and going to be will at the same time. not a bad gig. >> reporter: thank you. >> all right. >> she's speechless. >> cate said, we want to mention it again, if you are not going to the parade in person, you can watch it here on cbs 5 live coverage starts at 11 a.m. the parade moves up market street to city hall. you can also view a live stream on our website, remember that's but like you said, frank, we get to be out there in the crowd. >> what do we wear? are we in short sleeves? jacket? is it going to rain? >> guys, that's why i'm going to stay right here in the studio just to make sure that you guys are well taken care of. [ laughter ] >> if you are heading out the parade of champions tomorrow it should work out nicely although we have a cold front coming our way so starting out with some patchy fog in the morning. and then a few mid- to high level clouds start to drift in. those temperatures running in the 60s but it should be a
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great time for the parade. the fog beginninglift a bit and more so in some of the valleys. lots of sunshine there. the temperatures just beginning to warm up in spots. 65 degrees in concord. 61 in livermore. 57 degrees in san francisco. and 59 in san jose. lots of sunshine as we look toward mount diablo. calm winds into the afternoon. lingering bay fog. mostly sunny skies and clouds return tonight and drizzle at the coast but that rain looks to return tomorrow. the models are moving up the rain unfortunately a little bit. high pressure bringing us one more nice day here and then you have the system off the coastline looks like a good one heading in our direction. in fact, we are expecting a stormy conditions to return to the bay area late in the day tomorrow as that cold front begins to move onshore. so speaking of stormy boy they have been dealing with sandy here and finally starting to show signs of weakening
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somewhat. less moisture and sustained winds gliding up to the north but further and further north it's going to lose some energy they are not done with the system just yet. let's get you back to the bay area and time out the storm. clouds breaking up around the bay area today and flowing back in overnight and you will notice 11:00 tomorrow the parade will start. we'll see clouds out there. but the rain is staying to the north so we'll be dry for that but as trick or treaters go out tomorrow evening looks like a better chance of rain so be prepared for that tomorrow taking some of those trick or treaters out rain across the rest of the bay area throughout the evening tomorrow night. plan on 72 degrees in san jose and 56 degrees in pacifica. inside the bay sunshine this afternoon about 69 degrees in oakland 67 in san francisco. about 73 degrees in santa rosa. next couple of days, things get unsettled as storm clouds make a return. looks like we could see some
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leftover showers on thursday morning. by friday though we're dry once again and again, don't forget, there's a chance of showers in the evening for trick or treaters. i was hoping it was going to hold off and now it's moving in faster. i'll keep you dry at the parade, too. >> we have been talking about the parade i almost forgot it was halloween tomorrow. >> what a great day. >> kids county forget tomorrow. >> thank you. well, we all want honesty but a bay area restaurant frankness is giving some people the heebie-jeebies. up next the shocking find hidden behind the walls of that restaurant when we come back. ew.
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a review of breast cancer treatment finds that for evy life saved... three women ae in today's healthwatch, a review of breast cancer treatment finds that for every life saved three women are overtreated. an expert panel in britain analyzed evidence from 11 trials. they found that about 1300 women were saved but about 4,000 women were overdiagnosed. that means they were treated unnecessarily for a cancer that would have never threatened their lives. >> and there's new evidence that laws banning smoking in public places can save lives. california researchers reviewed 45 studies covering smoke-free laws. they found that in states and cities with public bans, hospitalizations for heart
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attacks and strokes dropped 15%. and there were also fewer emergency room visits for people with breathing conditions. a bay area restaurant is giving patrons a taste of something very sweet. honesty. even if it's bad news. cafe del soul is the name of the restaurant, it's in mill valley. it posted a notice that the building it's in is infested with german cockroaches. the manager there says they called in the exterminator but the problem is worse than originally thought. >> you put a sign like that on your restaurant, aren't you afraid you're going to scare customers away? >> that's unfortunately going to happen but also, is it not responsible to tell the truth? >> the truth can hurt. restaurant management hopes the honesty will pressure other businesses inside the building to temporarily shut down and let exterminators come in and clear out all the pests. not sure it's great for business. but -- >> he has customers in there, though. that's what's amazing after they know what's going on.
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oh, well. >> if you have a consumer problem or question, call us at 1-888-5-helps-u. volunteers are standing by route now. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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success today at 5:00. join us tomorrow as we welcome home our world champions the san francisco giants. >> our coverage starts live at 11:00 here on cbs 5 and on and that will do it for us. can't wait until tomorrow. >> not going to be too chilly? >> just bring a light jacket, no rain. >> have a great afternoon. captions by: caption colorado
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this is hayden.
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